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What Are The Steps To Check Mail History In Yahoo?

There are a number of email services but Yahoo stands apart from available email services, it is best known for its features. This service offers unlimited mail storage, calendar, SMS messaging, keyboard shortcuts and an integrated instant messenger. An in-built search tool is a feature that permits its users to search a particular email by entering related key terms of your mail in its search box. This mailbox is classified in different folders that make it easy to check Yahoo mail history.

Read this blog, you’ll come to know the tips to check your mailbox history or you can also take help from Yahoo Support team.

Directions To Follow:

  • First, go to Yahoo homepage and login to your mail account by entering username and password of your account.
  • You can perform a complete search of your entire mail history by entering a term related to the text of your email. Enter the words in its search section and click on “Mail Search” button to look for the emails related to the search in every part of your emails like sender line, subject line, and body.
  • You can see the history of your incoming mails by clicking on “inbox”; you will find emails in a chronological order with the most recent on its top.
  • One can easily view saved drafts that you haven’t sent by clicking on “Drafts”. You’ll see all unsent emails if you wish to finish an email click on it and click “Send”.
  • You can see a list of sent emails by clicking on “Sent” folder, if you don’t wish to see these emails in your sent section then open an email and click “Delete” there.
  • When you click on “Spam” folder, you are able to check what kind of Spam you are receiving. If you don’t want to check your Spam history, then click “Empty” option at the right of “Spam” from the main mail page. This way you can send your spam mails to “Trash” folder.
  • You can check deleted emails by visiting “Trash” folder. In order to delete your emails history permanently, you can click on a box that is just left to a flag icon, then click on “Clear All”.

By following these steps, one can easily check the history of Yahoo mailbox. If you need any help then make a call on Yahoo Support Australia Number. Experts will guide you step-by-step to complete this process.

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